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Microsoft Forces Windows 10 update PDF Print E-mail
ImageWindows 10 while arguably the best operating system ever released by Microsoft is being deployed rather forcefully through Windows update, which can cause serious problems if you are unprepared for such a major change.  A new tool we found can help you take control of the process, including removing the annoying "nag" icon and messages to Update to Windows 10.

Takeaway: While there are many reasons to upgrade to Windows 10, the might be just as many reasons NOT to upgrade, including program compatibility like Antivirus, printer drivers, and other special programs that might be older or not well supported.  Also, upgrading your operating system is akin to major surgery, and while generally safe, still entails major changes to the core of what runs your computer.  Furthermore, Microsoft is making it difficult to control this update without use of special tools.

Bottom Line: There is a tool you can download that puts the power back in your hands and let's YOU decide when the time is right to upgrade to Windows 10.

Author's Site - click here to learn more and download

Disclaimer: PC Pros makes no claims about the functionality or safety of this software.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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