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SMB ComputingWe provide full service I.T. sales and support to our small and medium business clients.

Running a small business today can be tough enough, without having to struggle with your computing tools.  The PC Pros offers fast and reliable sales and service with over two decades of experience in the computer industry.
  • CPA/Bookkeepers
  • Attorney/Legal Practices
  • Consultants/Business Coaches
  • Doctors, Chiropractors, Accupuncure, Herbalists
  • Dentists, Orthodontists
  • Real Estate/Mortgage Industry
  • Architecture Firms
  • Retail Stores
  • Graphic Design/Magazine Publishing
  • Investors/Stocks&Bonds/Equities/Commodities
  • Protographers/Videographers/Artists/Musicians
  • Small Business of ALL Kinds! 

Data Center

The "I'm Finally Getting Serious" Package (aka I need to upgrade my IT infrastructure)
Starting at $250

We will visit your business and talk with you about your needs and plans then create a proposal order for what you need.  Our turn-around time is fast.  Use this option when you need one or more PCs and accessories and you have a reasonable budget and want things done right the FIRST time.


Aren't big enough for your own IT department?  PC Pros of California is here to help with your PC computing needs.  We can assist you to purchase desktop, laptops, websites, setting up your servers, email, and more for a fraction of the cost of having your own IT Department (OR let us fill in the gaps with your own IT department, or consult inependantly on a project basis.  it's also often a good idea to have an unattached set of eyes on your most important project)!

Our overall goal is to support you through the bad times, the breakdowns, the pop-ups, and the crashes, as well as through the good times with intelligent expansion as well as backup strategies that minimize data loss in the event of a catastrophe or other event and provide true "zero-downtime" experience for your business.

Downtime costs money.  Plain and simple.  Our clients don't sit waiting for their computers to go to the next screen.  WE SLAY DOWNTIME! 


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